Syracuse University, Department of Physics

Wrapping droplets with thin sheets in Nature Materials

A circular polystyrene sheet wrapping a water drop immersed in silicone oil. The sheet is 39 nm thick and 3.0 mm in diameter.

“Optimal wrapping of liquid droplets with ultrathin sheets” appeared in Nature Materials (link)This work explains the wide variety of shapes that can form when a very thin elastic sheet wraps itself around a liquid drop. Continue reading “Wrapping droplets with thin sheets in Nature Materials”


Four SU Physics professors presented at 2015 Soft Matter Gordon Conference

Professors Bowick, Manning, Marchetti, and Paulsen presented at the 2015 Soft Condensed Matter Physics Gordon Research Conference, held at Colby-Sawyer College in New London, N.H. Our contributions were covered in a story here.

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